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Production of bottled vegetable oil is one of the key activities of Yug Rusi Group. Today, Yug Rusi is an undisputed leader in the Russian bottled vegetable oil market. We have achieved it thanks to our consistent product quality and balanced portfolio of strong brands, among which every consumer will find a product that resonates with their taste preferences and price expectations.

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Mayonnaise and mayonnaise sauces

Mayonnaises and mayonnaise sauces produced by MZhK Krasnodarsky bring together the quality traditions and variety of tastes. Thanks to their well-balanced recipes, mayonnaise and sauces go well with traditional Russian and European dishes, giving them a sophisticated and refined twist.

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Ketchups and sauces

Avedov plant-based sauces. Every dish is a discovery! We know that a key to great sauces is 100% natural ingredients - spices, dried herbs, pieces of vegetables, and mustard seeds, and we follow this rule. The products contain 35% of refined deodorized sunflower oil and are a ready-to-eat seasoning for meat, side dishes of cereals, fish, pasta, poultry, meat jelly and snacks.

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Eco-friendly canned food

Green peas, zucchini spread, various canned vegetable - that's what Yug Rusi offers to its customers. We use only natural and clean raw materials to treat our consumers to high-quality products.

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Sunflower proteins

Sunflower seeds contain chlorogenic acid, and seed coats are rich in phytomelanins. While making our product we process sunflower seeds in a very delicate way, trying to make the most of all their unique properties and retain the maximum benefit! Chlorogenic acid is not destroyed in the extraction process, so the product retains its inherent color.

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Roasted sunflower seeds

Using a special seed roasting technology we ensure uniform roasting of every seed. Salted seeds are created for gourmets. Salt spices up the seeds and enhances their natural flavor. It is a perfect choice for a snack.

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